Add pineapple to your dishes

When it comes to giving your meals a tropical flair, nothing is as good as adding some pineapple. The delightfully sweet yet slightly tart flavor complements just about anything, from desserts to savory dishes. Pick up one of these spiky fruits next time you’re at the grocery store and enhance any of your favorite culinary academy creations or try your hand at a new dish. First off: How are you supposed to cut a pineapple?

  1. Cut off the top with a sharp knife about an inch below the leaves.
  2. Trim off the bottom so it stands straight without rocking to more easily trim off the sides.
  3. Shave the sides off with the knife. Determine whether you want rings or chunks. In a less-ripe fruit, the core can be a bit tough, but if you have a very juicy, ripe pineapple, the core won’t be as noticeable and can be eaten.
  4. If you want rings, slice it widthwise and use a circle cookie cutter to remove the core.

Now that you’ve cut your pineapple, what dishes will you use it in?

Add it to salsa
We all like our salsa to have a little bit of a bite to it, but this dip can still be sweet, even with a hint of spice. The citric acid in the pineapple overpowers the wateriness of the tomatoes, making for a perfectly zesty dip to serve at your next party.

Use it in marinades
Whether you’re marinating some fish, chicken or even pork, try adding some pineapple to the marinade. While pineapple is typically used in teriyaki dishes, that isn’t your only option. Feel free to experiment with this fruit by adding it to spicier sauces.

Sweeten your drinks
We’re not just talking about drinking a tropical cocktail out of a pineapple – though you can do that too! It’s a great addition to smoothies and shakes, since it has such a strong flavor. Pineapple pairs well with other tropical fruits, like banana and coconut, but the possibilities don’t stop there.

Bake bread
Quick breads, like banana or pumpkin bread, are great to eat for breakfast or dessert. They’re sweet yet filling and are typically made with some sort of fruit. Try making a pineapple quick bread and shave some coconut on top, allowing it to toast in the oven.

Put it on a burger
Who doesn’t like a juicy burger? Next time you decide to cook some patties, try grilling some pineapple too. Glaze the burgers with a barbecue or teriyaki sauce, and top it with a pineapple ring. You’ll never want a plain burger again.

Make a jam
You’ve had strawberry, cherry and grape jam, but have you ever tried pineapple jam? All you need is pineapple, sugar and your favorite citrus, and you’ll have a jam that’s great on toast, a sandwich or even as a topping for desserts. The tartness will pair wonderfully with some creamy ice cream or a slice of light and fluffy angel food cake.

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