What Is Molecular Gastronomy?

A trend that has been around since 1992 is Molecular Gastronomy, also known as the art of scientific cooking, modernist cuisine, culinary physics and experimental cuisine. This term was named by physicist, Nicholas Kurti and chemist, Hervé This. Many attending culinary or pastry school have often heard of this term in their classes.

Molecular Gastronomy is defined as using scientific approaches in cookery to understand the chemical changes that occurs during cooking and is oftened studied by chefs and scientist in which they deconstruct dishes into shapes not normally recognized. Chefs are embracing scientific principles to create new approaches to cooking, food preparation and presentation. Many of these approaches can be found in some restaurants in your area. To learn more about molecular gastronomy, watch Chef Mark Dowling discuss this type of cooking method and how it is used in both the culinary and pastry industry.



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