Treating Minor Cuts And Burns While Cooking

Part of improving as a chef will have you trying to speed up the process of preparing ingredients so they are ready to be cooked. Once you learn techniques in your online culinary certificate program and become familiar with the method you will be able to recreate dishes on your own. The more you practice the faster you can become whipping up chopped vegetables, creating marinades and preparing your ingredients.

As you ramp up your speed for putting together dishes at a record pace, you may succumb to an injury such as a cut or burn. If the accident does not require a trip to the emergency room follow this guide to taking care of the wound in-home.

Cut: Even when you are extremely focused, slippery hands or a dull knife can cause an accident and cut your finger while you chop away.

Tips to avoid getting cut: Pay attention to the proper cutting techniques highlighted in your online cooking courses. If you are equipped with the knowledge such as bending your finger for a better grip you can decrease your chances of having an accident. Similarly, knowing to use the heel of the knife so you are not putting pressure on a dull edge can keep the knife from slipping.

What to do: If you happen to cut your finger as you chop vegetables or try to open a can, put pressure on the opening right away. Once the bleeding has reduced you can wash the cut in warm water. Use a liquid bandage or antibiotic cream to disinfect the area.

Burn: Frying tortillas, boiling water or the stove can cause burns in the kitchen. When examining the degree of damage keep in mind that a small red area usually signifies a first-degree burn. If the burn turns into a large blister, you will need immediate medical attention.

Tips to avoid being burned: When handling severely hot items, multitasking is not recommended. Focus is key, so put away the iPhone and tablet computer. A splatter guard can help reduce the amount of boiling water that flies from a pan.

What to do: If you forget to use oven mitts or scrape the middle of your arm on the edge of the oven, you can run the burn under cold water for a few minutes. If the burn occurred from boiling water or oil, keep your hand placed under cold water for 10 to 15 minutes.

The only ointment you should use at this point is special burn cream. You may have to go out to the store to purchase this but do not rely on general antiseptics or moisturizers as they can irritate the burn.

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