Keeping Up With – Knife Cuts And Olive Oil

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Treating Minor Cuts And Burns While Cooking
Part of improving as a chef will have you trying to speed up the process of preparing ingredients so they are ready to be cooked. Once you learn techniques in your online culinary certificate program and become familiar with the method you will be able to recreate dishes on your own. The more you practice [Read More…]

The Complex Properties Of Olive Oil
You might consider wine tasting a part of your culinary arts program, but have you considered olive oil taste tests? If you are enrolled in an online cooking school program you will want to learn how to judge the finest olive oils used for food preparation. The right olive oil can greatly enhance the flavor [Read More…]

Let’s Do The First Assessment
Escoffier Online’s Chef Thomas Kaltenecker does a live stream every Friday at 1:00pm CST called, Let’s Do The First Culinary Assessment Together, and Chef Susie Wolak does a live stream, Let’s Do The Butter Cream Assessment Together, at 2:30pm CST. Chef Susie and Chef Thomas will walk through the first assessment of each program step by step and discuss [Read More…]

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