Top Super Bowl Party Food Picks

If you want the ultimate spread for your Super Bowl Party, look no further than this list. We have a little bit of everything from cultures across the world—from Swedish meatballs to fish tacos and veggie potstickers. All of them party friendly foods that go above and beyond the typical bowls of chips and dips. Whether you pick all eight or just make a big pot of our cheesy Wisconsin cheddar and beer soup, this will certainly be a Super Bowl to remember.

Broiled Stuffed Shrimpbroiled_shrimp_online-use-7-30q5c202whxlohqprau60w
Stuffed with peppers, herbs and goat cheese, these shrimp are a far cry from loaded potato skins (although we love those too). They look and taste gourmet without the complications. Plus, they’re just a darn right delicious finger food.

Turkey Burger Sliders
What is it about mini-anything that just makes foods so much more appealing? Miniaturize your turkey burgers by forming small patties and buying min-buns. Then that’s it. Have some toppings on hand and let your guests do the rest of the work.

Swedish Meatballs
Sweet and savory, there’s something that’s so comforting about Swedish meatballs. Our recommendation for these is skip the noodles and throw them on a toothpick. Party food perfection.

Crab Cakes
Is there anything more to say? Crab cakes are the ultimate party bite, no matter the time of year or occasion. Serve with a homemade sauce and save more time for the real reason everyone loves Super Bowl Sunday—the Puppy Bowl, of course!

Escoffier_3_2015_-54235-2zepkcm4q2eqyjohsr30g0Mexican Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp cocktail + avocado = Mexican shrimp cocktail. Alright, so it may not be that easy but it’s pretty darn close. This dish is just straight up easy and super delicious. Had to share!

Fish Tacos
Tacos are one of the best party foods you can do. Make all the fixings, put them in separate bowls and then let people build their own. This recipe especially packs all the punch without the extra hassle.

Wisconsin Cheddar & Beer Soup
You can always go the super easy route and just make a giant pot of soup. This Wisconsin cheddar and beer soup just says football, right? Cook it up, throw it in a crock and keep it hot and cheesy all day long.

Veggie Potstickers
Potstickers are a total underutilized finger food, in our opinion. These things belong on a party food table pretty much 100% of the time. They’re quick, cheap and super easy to throw together. Our favorite kind of appetizer recipe!

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