Tips On Pairing Wine For Fall

Just as fall vegetables inspire chefs to incorporate new produce and spices that are in season, wine pairing needs to be taken into consideration as well. While much of the dialogue coming from the experts is tied into preference, there are a few guidelines to follow.

The rich flavor notes of fall foods can balance well with more robust wines. Think of dishes spiced with cinnamon or slow cooked stews. They each need a hearty varietal to cut through the meal. To develop your own palette of matching drinks with seasonal dishes, attend an online culinary arts program.

Winter squash, sage, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and cauliflower are in season now. You should pair vegetable-based dishes like roasted mushrooms with a chardonnay or pinot noir, according to wine experts at Oregon Live. These wines can also work with rich ragus and squash dishes.

A classic roast chicken may have a light dusting of herbs in the summer, but it can take a heavier hand of spices during fall. These deeper flavors allow you to switch up your go-to glass of chardonnay with a bolder pinot noir.

The traditional pot roast or other braised dishes need a hefty grape vintage. Merlot and cabernet sauvignon pair well with the richness of the meat. To develop the sauce in your dish, splash in some wine, which will reduce and intensify in flavor.

In the fall, oysters, spot prawns and king crab are in season. Pair prawns with a crisp wine like muscadet. Also, according to Coastal Living, oysters work with white Burgundy while crab pairs better with chardonnay or sauvignon blanc.

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