Three Books For Cheese Lovers

It is quite possible that no other food product in culinary history has inspired as much mystic reverence as cheese, and rightfully so. The delicious dairy product can exhibit an incredibly dynamic range of flavors from sharp and pungent to mild and nutty, increasing its culinary applications exponentially. From its mysterious origins dating back thousands of years to now, cheese has inspired and delighted the palates of devotees the world over. For acolytes of the church of cheese, here are four holy texts worthy of praise.

The Cheesemonger’s Kitchen by Chester Hastings
This cookbook includes 90 recipes for the serious cheese aficionado. Emphasis is put on the ‘aficionado’ as many of the recipes in this book are extremely rare and require access to a very well-stocked cheese shop; examples include Sbrintz, Roncal and Reblochon. However, the beautiful color photographs and helpful wine suggestions redeem “The Cheesemonger’s Kitchen” of its logistical inefficacies. At the very least, readers can peruse the 50 cheesy pics and dream of one day adventuring out to California for a taste of their Truffle Tremor.

Wine + Cheese Pairing Swatchbook by Max McCalman
We doubt there is any marriage in history that has lasted as long as that between wine and cheese. However, the project of pairing the perfect vintage to bring out the subtle qualities of your soft and camembert may seem daunting to most. Enter this easy-to-use collection of fifty pairing swatches. Much like what you find at your local paint store in form, instead of eight different shades of bone, these swatches include information on a given cheese on one side and a suggested wine pairing on the reverse, complete with details on why the two pair well and suggestions for substitutions. Though the art of wine and cheese tasting may be a highly subjective and personal one, this compilation will surely point anyone in an agreeable direction.

Cheese & Beer by Janet Fletcher
Not a wine drinker and yet discontent to wash down your high​-quality cheese with a glass of uninspired water? Janet Fletcher’s new book seeks to expand the cheese pairing possibilities to include some fantastic brews from around the world. Her book is valuable for its expansive catalog of the unique characteristics of different styles of beer and detailed descriptions of how each complement different strains of cheese. This book is ideal for those looking to expand their options when it comes to drinking with cheese.

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