Tempering Chocolate

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Learning how to temper can open a proverbial chocolate box of yummy recipes and fun, creative ways to get funky with your sweets. Chocolate bark, clusters and your own, homemade candy bars are just a few of the many things you can do with this technique. And let’s not forget all of the wonderful things you can cover in chocolate like fruits, caramels and nuts. If you love chocolate as much as we do, this is definitely one trick you’re going to want to know.

In this online baking class, we’re teaching you how to master the delicate process of tempering chocolate. Once you have this technique down, a Pandora’s box of amazing dessert recipes are at your disposal!

When tempering chocolate for best results be sure your room temperature is between 65 and 77 degrees. Never warm you chocolate higher than 130 degrees. The perfect temperature to work with chocolate is 93 degrees, at this temperature the chocolate will have a very nice shine and snap to it.

Warm the chocolate to 110-115 degrees and slowly add small pieces of chocolate until the temperature goes down to about 95 degrees.

Warm 2/3 the chocolate to 110-115 degrees and the add the remainder and bring the chocolate up to 110-115 degrees. Turn the chocolate onto a stone surface such as marble and spread and turn until the chocolate reaches 78-84 degrees and return the chocolate to the bowl and warm to about 90 degrees.

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