6 Ways To Make Chocolate Chip Cookies Even More Scrumptious

Chocolate chip cookies are one of the simplest yet most mouthwatering desserts you can bake. No matter how many times you make this dessert, you never get tired of its sweet taste. Even if you are content with how you currently bake cookies, it’s possible to make them even better. Here are six ways to make chocolate chip cookies more scrumptious:

1. Add coffee grounds to the mix
That bag of coffee in your kitchen cupboard can do more than just wake you up in the morning – it can also enhance the taste of your chocolate chip cookies. Epicurious recommends adding a teaspoon or two of coffee grounds to the flour to give the cookies some mocha flavor.

2. Use melted butter
Instead of throwing a stick of butter into the cookie mix, melt it in the microwave first to make the cookies chewier. Sally’s Baking Addiction recommends keeping the butter in the microwave until it’s almost melted. If the butter is melted completely, it will make the cookies too greasy. You can also add a little extra flour to prevent the cookies from getting too oily.

3. Include hand-chopped chunks of chocolate
Although there’s nothing wrong with putting in standard chocolate chips in your cookies, they will taste even better if you add chunks of chocolate. Cut up the pieces of chocolate into a range of different sizes and throw them into the mix. When you eat your finished cookies, you will enjoy more chocolate in every bite.

4. Let dough sit overnight
If you are not in a hurry, it’s a good idea to allow your dough to rest overnight. The dry ingredients will be able to soak up the eggs better, which will help create a very dry dough. The drier the dough is, the better the texture will be.

5. Sprinkle some salt
The idea of adding salt to chocolate chip cookies might sound peculiar, but it can actually improve their taste. According to The Sister’s Cafe, sprinkling a pinch of salt into the cookies will bring out their flavor.

6.  Put them on a cooling rack
To prevent your chocolate chip cookies from tasting too dry or overcooked, put them on a cooling rack for two to three minutes once they are finished baking. This will let air circulate around the cookies, which will help them cool down more evenly.

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