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Attributes of a Successful Escoffier Student

Maintain a reliable internet connection and internet service provider. Technology has come a long way for us to even be able to offer online courses, and maintaining connection with your work/education/social life over the internet has become essential to our daily lives. Online classes can benefit students with busy schedules, but only if they can access the materials. If you haven’t used a computer in some time, make sure you update the software and hardware to fit your course needs. Most online courses don’t support technology that was standard 15 years ago, and it will help in the long run if you know that your computer will work before starting the first course.

For Escoffier Online, an updated Flash Player is a necessity. You can use the following directions to make sure you have a current version of Flash on your computer and also update any previous versions. The links below will walk you through this process:

Flash Player: Using the latest version of Flash will solve any issues with our site most of the time. First you’ll need to uninstall any out dated versions of Adobe Flash that you might have on your computer ( Then, get the latest version of Adobe Flash ( Make sure to quit all web browsers during the installation process.

The only hardware requirement, excluding a working computer, for Escoffier Online is a phone or digital camera that can transfer pictures to your computer. Soon after getting started, you will find assessments where the chef mentors will be able to view and critique the process you go through in the kitchen by the pictures you upload. Don’t panic when technology doesn’t work. If you experience difficulty on any level, either with the technology or with the course content, please communicate your concerns with us. We’ve created a lot of resources on the site to help, from Tutorial Videos to FAQs. Our staff is available to provide Technical Support over the phone 9am-5pm CST on weekdays.

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To learn more about our program, please contact us at (877) 452-5489 or [email protected]

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