Looking For Something Exotic? Justin Marx Is Your Man

As you work on your online cooking courses, you may come across a recipe that you are dying to make. There’s only one problem: You have no idea where you would even buy one of its main ingredients. Whether it’s edible flowers, heirloom potatoes or specialty meats such as yak or kangaroo, Justin Marx has an impressive selection of unusual and exotic foods. If he doesn’t have something you need in stock, he’ll even try to track it down and special order it for you.

Originally, Marx served as a wholesaler that catered to some of the best restaurant chefs. Today, anyone can shop from his store, either in Seattle or online at Marxfoods.com. Marx is constantly searching for new ingredients to match the ever​-changing trends of the culinary world. With Marx’s foods, students attending international culinary schools who are eager to try out recipes with an exotic kick can cook with ingredients from the same place that restaurants such as Alinea in Chicago do. For chefs in Seattle, buying from Marx can often support their home community because he tries to source as many of his products locally as he can.

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