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Attributes of a Successful Escoffier Student

Fully invest in our community of culinary and pastry chefs, along with fellow students going through the same process as you. Online education is not only a chance to learn from the instructor’s expertise – you can gain insight from your peers and they can learn from you as well. Every student was new to this course at one point and many have advice or tips that they’re always willing to share.

Don’t hesitate to participate in course discussions or simply comment on a student’s post on our homepage. Traditional classrooms can promote public speaking and this may be nerve-racking for some students. The unique format of learning online minimizes many types of social pressure. Your instructors and peers will primarily know you through your words and ideas so go ahead and express yourself as a valuable part of our community. This group can play an important role in your educational growth if you stay open minded about sharing your perspectives and experiences with others.

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