Spicing Up Your Meals: Baking

Spices aren’t just used in cooking. There are plenty of spices and herbs out there that will give your sweet treats a special kick and leave people asking, “What did you put in this?” Even though they aren’t particularly sweet themselves, many spices pair well with sugar and other baking ingredients. Next time you’re mixing up ingredients for one of your baking courses online, try one of these spices to bring it to the next level:

What it tastes like: Allspice tastes like its name suggests – like a mixture of spices. If you’re a fan of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, try throwing some allspice into your recipe. It’s pretty strong, though, so a little bit goes a long way.
What it tastes best in: Bread, cookies

What it tastes like:
Aniseed has a licorice taste, but errs more on the sweet side than on the bitter side. It’s native to the Mediterranean, so aniseed is used in many Greek dishes.
What it tastes best in: Desserts and alcoholic drinks

What it tastes like:
Most popular in Arabic countries, cardamom can be added to curry blends for cooking, or its warm, citrusy flavor makes a good combination with clove and cinnamon.
What it tastes best in: Teas like chai, pastries and breads

What it tastes like: Cinnamon can be used in cooking or baking, as it’s bitter and a bit spicy alone, but sweet when mixed with sugar. It’s used in almost every type of cuisine in the world.
What it tastes best in: Desserts, hot drinks

What it tastes like:
Clove has a very strong taste, so not much has to be used at once. It’s fairly sweet and a bit spicy as well. Cloves are typically ground up when used for baking, but thrown in whole when flavoring a drink.
What it tastes best in: Spice cakes, baked beans

What it tastes like: Coriander has a lemon-like flavor and tastes refreshing in a wide array of dishes, including desserts. It’s one of the oldest known spices, dating back to 5000 BC.
What it tastes best in: Mexican and Spanish dishes

What it tastes like:
Ginger is a unique spice, as it encompasses sweet, spicy and tangy, all in one bite. While it’s most commonly used in baking, ginger is also used in a lot of Asian savory dishes.
What it tastes best in: Cookies – like gingerbread cookies, candy, soda

What it tastes like:
Mint is one of the most popular spices, with a sweet flavor that cools your mouth. Though it’s typically used with sweets, it’s also used in many beverages and sauces. Though mint isn’t usually used with meat, it does pair well with lamb.
What it tastes best in: Chocolate dishes, beverages like tea, anything used to freshen breath

What it tastes like:
Nutmeg has a warm, nutty taste that is usually used in desserts, but can also add a special flavor to savory dishes, like sweet potatoes or sauces.
What it tastes best in: Cakes, cookies

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