Return Of The Twinkies

After a brief absence from the shelves of grocery and convenience stores across the country, the infamous Twinkie is making a comeback. Even students at a culinary academy can admit that they missed the cream-filled yellow sponge cakes. While they’ve never been known for their nutritional quality, Twinkies were scooped up at an unbelievable rate last fall when Hostess announced the discontinuation of the snack cake as a result of the company going out of business.

Touting the Twinkie’s return as “the sweetest comeback in the history of ever,” Hostess has also already made changes to the Twinkie recipe and delivery. Already known for their long shelf lives, Twinkies will now be able to last even longer than before. Their shelf life has been extended from 26 days to 45, and they are now being delivered to stores in both an unfrozen or frozen form. While Hostess won’t reveal exactly how it managed to extend the shelf life, anyone taking online cooking courses knows enough to speculate over the added preservatives needed to do so.

Despite these minor changes, Twinkie lovers can rest assured that soon enough they will have their favorite sugary snack cakes back and that they’ll be just as they remembered.

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