Hostess To Resume Production Of Iconic Snack Foods

A few months ago, Hostess Brands LLC, a well-known snack giant, sent consumers into a frenzy by discontinuing some of America’s most iconic products. Many who learn to cook online tried to recreate favorites like the Twinkie in their home kitchens, but no amount of culinary academy experience could yield a product with just the right flavor or consistency. However, if you’re missing your Twinkie fix, relief is near: The snack brand recently announced plans to re-open its bakery in Columbus, Ga., and resume production of its signature desserts.

“I think it’s a huge morale boost,” Teresa Tomlinson, mayor of Columbus, told the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. “There’s something, obviously, iconic about the Hostess brand.”

According to The Associated Press, the Georgia Department of Economic Development made the announcement on April 23, and said that Hostess will resume operations in the summer to revamp their full assortment of snack products.

“Safely, you should be able to buy Twinkies by the end of July,” Michael Cramer, CEO of Hostess, said during a press conference. “I think we will be cranking them out here and a couple of other places around the country.”

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