Saveur Magazine Announces 2013’s Best Food Blog Award Winner

There is no doubt that online cooking courses and food blogging have become the norm in the culinary academy world during the 21st century. Many chefs have even launched businesses and published cookbooks because of their success with online cooking advice.

In the spirit of the digital culinary revolution, Saveur magazine announced the winner of the Best Cooking Blog award for 2013. Since 2008, Ashley Rodriguez has written and photographed for her blog, Not Without Salt, due to her passion for food, and took home the prize for this 4th annual event.

She told Saveur that she had been mildly interested in food her entire life, but decided to make her living in the culinary arts after a trip to Italy. She said that while her fellow travelers were off shoe shopping, she was eating gelato and exploring the restaurants nestled in the hillsides.

Rodriguez says that her biggest inspiration for her posts and recipes comes from new ideas she gets from classic cookbooks. Photography is a huge part of food blogging as well, and she admits that at times she “drools” over photos. She went on to say that her second influence in cooking is traveling, as experiencing new flavors and ingredients can completely open up her palate and expertise.

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