Restaurant in London Serving Only Canned Fish

Many students enrolled in online cooking school have dreams of one day opening their own restaurant. While there’s a seemingly endless amount of creativity that goes into making an eatery stand uniquely apart from its competition, the truth is that many restaurants seem indistinguishable from their counterparts. That is certainly not the case with Tincan, a new restaurant in London that is making a name for itself by serving exclusively canned fish or seafood.

According to The Guardian, the restaurant opened in Soho this September and intends to operate as a pop-up shop for a six-month run serving nothing but canned seafood. While many might find this idea unappetizing, Maximiliano Arrocet, one of the restaurant’s management team members, explained that the idea is received differently in the UK than it would be elsewhere.

“The perception of tinned food in the UK is different from how it is in other parts of the world,” Arrocet told The Guardian. “You can get gourmet food in a tin, and it’s not frowned upon.”

The presentation of the restaurant, explained Arrocet, is as crucial to the success of the endeavor as the product they’re actually serving. Arrocet is a director at AI_A, an architectural firm, and was widely involved in designing and constructing the restaurant’s physical space. The small store is absolutely covered in lavish displays of some of the most rare canned fish in the world, offering a sort of bizarre take on a classic candy shop design.

Among the fare available at Tincan are Portuguese mackerel filets, Galician urchin caviar and a host of other exotic products. The cans are served to patrons with simple seasonings such as lemon, olive oil and parsley and can be dressed to their liking.

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