New Cookbook Expands the Culinary Kingdom of Waffles

At first glance, a waffle iron might appear as if it has a sole purpose – after all, the appliance’s name states rather explicitly what it does. However, those enrolled in culinary school online likely see the potential for versatility in this simple device. Daniel Shumski, the culinary mind behind, saw this untapped potential. After much experimenting, Shumski has published a collection of 53 surprising recipes that can be made in a waffle iron, simply titled “Will It Waffle?”

Beyond your basic Belgian
In “Will It Waffle?,” Shumski includes more than 50 recipes that are made without a waffle batter base, taking this basic breakfast machine to a whole new level. The title is certainly intriguing, suggesting that sometimes an item simply won’t stand up to being waffled. However, what’s truly interesting about Shumski’s findings is that a vast number of foods can be made in a waffle iron. Whereas this appliance often spends months hiding unused at the back of a kitchen cabinet, Shumski warms cooks to the idea that this method of cooking can be used on a daily basis. For the culinary minded, this could be a sign that little-used kitchen devices can be used more often.

Some of the recipes make perfect sense on first viewing, such as a falafel waffle, also known as a fawaffle. Others will leave readers anxious to conduct their own experiments in hopes of verifying Shumski’s results. And for those that don’t own a waffle iron, odds are this cookbook will convince you to invest. Shumski, in order to produce these culinary concoctions, owns six.

In an interview with The Arizona Republic the chef elaborates: “I have six irons. I have a soft spot for the old-school ones that I picked up on eBay. I have fancy ones; those work beautifully. [My favorite] depends on the day. I’ve stopped buying waffle irons. I started buying them when I was testing for the book because I knew I wanted to make sure [the recipes] worked in as many irons as possible.”

This type of dedication helps ensure that Shumski’s recipes will work on your waffle iron at home. Shumski advises those using his recipes at home to invest in a can of nonstick spray to help remove dishes from a waffle iron. This type of innovation is great for those looking for a quick way to cook many meals as well as seasoned chefs hoping to take on new challenges.

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