From the Orchard to the Oven

Students taking online baking courses might find themselves particularly enjoying some of the food-filled activities autumn brings along. With the bite of the crisp fall weather might just come the bite of a crisp McIntosh or Granny Smith apple. According to the U.S. Apple Association, states all over the country grow over 100 varieties of apples over the course of various seasons. That can leave some bakers questioning which apples are best for pies, sauces or breads. Fortunately, only about 15 types of apples account for about 90 percent of the apples used for commercial purposes like baking and cooking.

Apples that fall on the crisper side are considered best when making your favorite pies. Crisp apples tend to hold up better in high temperatures while still softening well to create the right pie texture. McIntosh and Granny Smith apples are excellent for those looking for a tarter pie, reported U.S. Apple, while Golden Delicious and Honeycrisp apples will yield a savory and sweet flavored pie.

We all find ourselves getting a little carried away at the orchard and bringing home far more apples than we can eat. What better way to save those extra apples than by mixing up some homemade apple sauce? Apple sauce is great as a snack on its own or an exquisite addition to a myriad other recipes. The Food Network suggested using Gala apples for a sweet sauce, Rome apples for tart sauce or Idared apples for a deliciously tangy sauce.

Breads and muffins
The apple is a lovely candidate for baking breads and muffins as it maintains its moisture and flavor in the heating process. Some of the apples that have already been mentioned are superb for this type of baking, such as the Granny Smith, Rome, and Idared apples. In addition, U.S. Apple recommended using Jonathan apples to create a unique flavor that combines the sweetness of honey with the zing of tartness.

While some apples are better for certain types of cooking or baking, many of them are interchangeable. You can also combine two or three different types of apples in your recipe to cultivate a unique flavor. Apples aren’t just for baking either – try whipping up some of these wine-poached apples to spice up your Friday night. And don’t forget, while apples can be called for in all types of recipes, they’re a delicious snack to enjoy on their own, as well!

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