Finding great ethnic restaurants in Chicago

While Chicago is commonly known for its deep dish pizza, that's not the only cuisine the Windy City has to offer. Chi-Town also has its fair share of ethnic restaurants. During culinary academy, you have probably prepared a few ethnic dishes and know just how unique and different they can be. The next time you visit Chicago, be sure to stop by these ethnic restaurants:

Jibek Jolu
Situated in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood, Jibek Jolu is the city's first Kyrgyzstani restaurant and offers hearty food in a low-key atmosphere. The menu features dishes from several different countries in Europe and Asia, including Russia, Kyrgyzstan, China and Turkey. The restaurant is best known for its lagman, Korean carrot salad and lepeshka bread. The food at Jibek Jolu is also very affordable, as nothing on the menu is more than $12. 

Maxine's Jamaican Cuisine
When you eat at Maxine's Jamaican Cuisine, you will feel like you are in the Caribbean. Decorated with paintings of palm trees and Bob Marley, the restaurant serves authentic Jamaican food and offers great lunch specials throughout the week. When you open up the menu, you will find items like jerk chicken tips, Jamaican rice, jerk catfish and oxtails. The food has quite a kick to it, so make sure to have a glass of water nearby.

Sabri Nihari
Located on Devon Avenue, Sabri Nihari offers traditional Pakistani cuisine that will get your taste buds talking. According to its website, the restaurant has been in Chicago since 1977 and prides itself in serving high-quality food in a pleasant environment. Although all of the items on the menu are filled with flavor, the restaurant is popular for its nihari, which is tender beef marinated with gravy. If you still have room after you eat your meal, try the kheer for dessert; it's made with Basmati rice, milk, cardamom seeds, almonds and raisins. 

Greek Islands
One of the Windy Cindy's most well-known Greek restaurants, Greek Islands proudly serves Mediterranean cuisine in a fine dining setting. The restaurant imports its own wine, cheese, olive oil, herbs and spices from Greece, giving you a true taste of Greek cuisine. From traditional favorites, like roast loin of lamb and mousaka, to seafood, Greek Islands' menu items do not disappoint. The wine list is extensive, so don't forget to order a glass with your meal. 

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