Culinary TV shows to watch this spring

With a new season comes the return (and premier) of TV shows we’ve been waiting for. Whether you like marveling at competitors in eating competitions or wishing you had access to the same travel itinerary as Anthony Bourdain, there is a show to entertain you between cooking and studying for culinary arts programs. Here are a few to watch for:

“Man Finds Food”
Adam Richman, famous host and professional eater of “Man V. Food,” premiered his new show on April 1. In it, he focuses on finding off-the-beaten-path U.S. restaurants with interesting secret menu items. He often orders off the unofficial menus and doesn’t spend the show trying to stuff his face with the local wares. If you enjoy going new places that are not full of tourists, you may enjoy this Travel Channel show.

“Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern”
​On April 13th, host Zimmern was back in action starting the 15th season of his travel channel show, “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.” Everywhere he goes, this unafraid eater finds the weirdest textured, grossest-smelling items and gives them a try. Not only do viewers learn about different cultures, but they get to enjoy the faces of the area natives as they giggle and smile at Zimmern’s reactions to their food.

“Chopped All-Stars”
Starting April 28, “Chopped” is back with a not-so-amateur group of competitors: professional chefs. Contestants like Mary Sue Milliken (of Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters”) and Michale Psilakis (Michelin star award-winner and A-List Chef nominee by Bravo) will compete in a four-episode tournament. Those who make it to the finale will be vying for a $75,000 prize which they will donate to their chosen charity. The ever-entertaining Ted Allan returns to host this fourth edition of the All-Stars match.

“Parts Unknown”
Culinary king Anthony Bourdain is at it again with his fifth season of CNN’s “Parts Unknown” which airs beginning April 26. This hard-hitting chef has really become something of a journalist over his years traversing the globe in search of amazing local foods and spirits. While we wish he’d expand his vocabulary a bit instead of saying everything he eats is “good,” Bourdain manages to find some of the most incredible street food on the planet in some of the lesser-traveled areas, like South Korea, the Middle East and even towns in the U.S. You’ll probably feel the tug of the travel bug when watching this beautifully-shot show.

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