Pet-Centric Establishments Gaining Popularity Around The World

Good news for foodies with pets, more and more animal-friendly establishments are opening across the U.S. From kitty teahouses to dog park bars, it seems drinking and dining with pets is the new trend for 2014.

KitTea, San Francisco
A new feline-concept teahouse is being planned for San Francisco by business partners Courtney Hatt and David Barginsky. The cat coffeeshop is still in the planning stages but hopes to create an atmosphere for cat lovers to come and enjoy an afternoon tea while in the company of kitties. In order to keep up with health code regulations, there will likely be separate spaces for food sales and kitty lounging. However, guests will be allowed, and encouraged, to take their food purchases into the cat zone. Hatt and Barginsky hope to even partner with local pet stores or rescue organizations to allow guests to take home animals with whom they felt they had a special connection.

Boneyard, Houston
The Boneyard in Houston is a bar and dog park all in one. Unlike KitTea, where the animals will live in-house, Boneyard has a strict bring-your-own-dog policy. Patrons are encouraged to bring their furry friends to play in the more than 7,000 square feet of park space. Meanwhile, dog owners can enjoy a drink from the bar’s extensive beer and wine list.

Pets Deli, Berlin
The Pets Deli in Berlin is a one-of-a-kind food market serving up gourmet pet food to animals with discerning taste. The menu at Pet Deli is split into Meat, Vegetables and Carbs, offering animal friends a complete and balanced nutritional meal. The good people at Pets Deli even offer desserts for those pets on their “cheat day.” All offerings are approved by an on-staff animal nutritionist and can be served in a metal bowl to stay or ordered to-go in a plastic box.

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