Food To Help You Beat Insomnia

Students taking online culinary courses know how important a good night’s sleep is to performing well in the kitchen. There are times, however, when counting sheep is not enough to get a full eight hours. Although there are many factors that lead to chronic insomnia, you can still take some control and give your body a fighting chance. Here are some great types of food to help you get uninterrupted rest.

Turkey burger – Trade in that heavy steak dinner for a lighter turkey burger. Consuming a lot of meat, especially a few hours before you go to sleep, can lead to acid reflux. Turkey also contains some tryptophan, a chemical that is popularly thought to induce sleep.

Starchy carbohydrates – Hummus, pita chips, bread, brown rice, pasta and any other food that contains carbs causes your blood sugar level to rise. Your body then releases insulin to help return those levels to normal which causes a sense of tiredness. Starchy carbs also release hormones in your brain like serotonin, which is associated with relaxation and happiness.

Cherries – Cherries have high levels of the chemical melatonin, a compound that makes you sleepy. Eat a cup of cherries or drink cherry juice before you go to bed to help you relax.

Honey – Studies have shown that honey is a form of fructose that is released slowly into the bloodstream. This prevents you from waking up from hunger pangs in the middle of the night. Put a thin layer of honey on a slice of toast for a great pre-bedtime snack.

Milk – Drinking a glass of milk an hour before you go to sleep can help end your insomnia. Milk helps the brain use tryptophan and promotes the production and release of melatonin.

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