Online Student Discusses Balancing Work and Family Life With Culinary Ambitions

If you have a kitchen and the time to learn, you already have the initial ingredients to expand your cooking to the next level. While recipes are everywhere online, the knowhow for the how food is paired together and the background on different styles will move you past simply reading recipes to creating your own gourmet meals. With Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy, you can take courses at your convenience in order to help you balance your work life as well as be there for your kids whose pallets may vary from week to week.

We recently sat down with one of our students, Maria Castello, as she discusses her culinary journey through our online pastry program. Explore our website and see how we can help guide you on your own path to master the kitchen and you can test your results on friends and family who will benefit firsthand from your new expertise.

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