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Raspberry Mousse Recipe
Escoffier Online’s Chef Susie Wolak demonstrates how to make raspberry mousse. For the easy recipe to accompany this video please [Read More…]

Brie En Croute Recipe
Escoffier Online’s Chef Susie Wolak demonstrates how to make brie en croute. For the easy recipe to accompany this video please [Read More…]

How Color Affects Your Appetite
Savvy ways that clever restaurateurs keep diners coming back to their eateries might be as simple as painting the walls of their business a certain hue. We all know how aromas can lure a curious customer into trying some great dishes you learned while in cooking programs. [Read More…]

Diet Drinks Could Cause Weight Gain
We get it, being a student can be hard, especially if you are also working a job like many students attending an online culinary school. Sometimes you just need a little caffeine to bridge the gap between the end of your shift and the start of a study session. However, for students who aren’t fans [Read More…]

How To Start A Business
Many entrepreneurs dream of owning a business one day. The question is where do you begin? If you are in the food industry you might dream of starting your own restaurant, bakery or catering company. Since the industry can be very competitive it is important your dream is ready to become a reality. To be prepared [Read More…]

Personal And Private Chef Industry
In this video, Chef Candy Wallace President of the American Personal & Private Chef Association and endorser of Escoffier Online sat down with us to discuss the private or personal chef industry and what steps should be taken to begin in the field. She also talks about what employment looks like for culinary graduates and how online culinary school training is received [Read More…]

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