Keeping Up With – Ratatouille, Trendy Desserts, & The Escoffier Reception

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Ratatouille Nicoise Culinary Demo
Check out Chef Mark’s culinary demo! The Chef will demonstrate how to make Ratatouille Nicoise by using Escoffier’s classic techniques. View recipe and video! [Read More…]

You’re Invited To The Escoffier Reception
On Tuesday, August 20, Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy, a completely online culinary school offering culinary and baking and pastry classes, will celebrate its one year anniversary. A private reception honoring the anniversary will be held at Alliance Francaise de Chicago. Special guests, Michel Escoffier, the great-grandson of master chef Auguste Escoffier – the school’s name sake [Read More…]

Let’s Do Our First Assessment Together
Escoffier Online’s Chef Mark Dowling does a live stream every Friday at 1:00pm CST called, Let’s Do The First Culinary Assessment Together,and Chef Susie Wolak does a live stream, Let’s Do The Butter Cream Assessment Together, at 2:30pm CST. Chef Susie and Chef Mark will walk through the first assessment of each program step by step and discuss [Read More…]

Trending: Boozy Desserts
As you continue your online baking program, you might be wondering how to make your pastries more creative. Have you considered alcohol-based sweets? Many are relatively simple to prepare and only call for a slight variation to pre-existing recipes. You can have some fun with traditional cakes and cupcakes by adding your favorite  liqueur to the mix to create [Read More…]

Coffee Grounds Can Be Used To Make Alcohol
Thanks to the advances of science, you may not have to choose between a hot cup of joe and your favorite adult beverage. If you’re thinking that a new coffee liqueur is about to hit the market, you’d be wrong in your assumptions. Instead, scientists have developed an alcohol that uses spent coffee grounds as [Read More…]

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