A Look Into A Popular Korean Condiment

When you are working toward your online culinary certificate you will come across hundreds of new products that complement the foods you prepare. International spices or sauces may pair well with traditional American dishes if they are used in the correct quantity.

Spicy food is common among many Asian cuisines and there are several condiments used to add extra flavor to curry or rice dishes. If you are looking for a new spicy add-on to serve to guests look no further than Gochujang.

Considered to be the next Sriracha sauce in terms of use and popularity, Gochujang is here to stay. Gochujang is a Korean spicy sauce and is used by natives in a traditional rice dish called bibimbap. At home, Gochujang is commonly paired with burgers or hot dogs. Some Korean dishes are even prepared with Gochujang as an ingredient in curry stew. It can also be used as a dipping sauce the same way we use ketchup.

Gochujang is bright red in color and is made with red chili, rice, salt and soybeans. The product has been considered a staple in Korean households for years. It can be used as a condiment just as you would serve Sriracha or added to barbecue sauces or salad dressing.

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