Free Cooking Course – World Flavors: Salt, Spices, & Herbs

Explore and master salt, spices and herbs with an online certification program. As apart of our short courses offering, Escoffier Online will be giving away a limited amount of our course, World Flavors: Salts, Spices, And Herbs for Free!

The Escoffier Online World Flavors Salt, Spices and Herbs Certification Course is designed for serious home cooks or aspiring bakers and chefs who wish to master salt, spices and herbs at their own pace. This course presents indigenous ingredients from around the globe and introduces the wide variety of seasoning and flavorings that can create great food when used properly. In this online course students will have the opportunity to learn the differences between spices and herbs, how to select quality spices and herbs, when to add seasoning ingredients to enhance flavors and the concept of building flavor profiles in recipes. Next the course provides the proper method of toasting and grinding spices and when to add fresh herbs to a dish. Students will work with an assigned professional chef mentor to perfect their salt, seasoning and herbs  skills and knowledge.

In addition to the course specific material all students enrolled with Escoffier Online will:

  • Have access to the Escoffier recipe database
  • Have access to live Q&A sessions with professional chefs 
  • Receive chef mentor support by phone and email
  • Have your assessments graded by a professional chef
  • Be able to create a portfolio of your work

Upon completion of the Escoffier Online World Flavors Salt, Spices and Herbs Course students will receive their Escoffier Online Certification.

If you have questions about this course please contact us. If you need help with your order please contact the Escoffier Online admissions department at 877-452-5489 or email us at [email protected]

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