Keeping Up With: Gordon Ramsay and Holistic Eaters

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Gordon Ramsay, David Beckham Team Up In Restaurant Initiative
Rumor has it that chef Gordon Ramsay, star of “Hell’s Kitchen,” and David Beckham, soccer star turned celebrity, may be joining forces in the restaurant industry in the U.S. They already have plans to open Union Street Cafe in the U.K., which will begin serving delicious meals in September. [Read More…]

New Steak Labeling Rule In Effect
For those who want to learn to cook online, there’s a new rule for steak labeling that could help you make a better selection for your next dish. Steaks and roasts must now list the country of origin, where it was raised and where it was slaughtered on its packaging label. [Read More…]

Hanuman Festival Draws In Holistic Eaters
Summer festivals are heating up in Boulder, Colo., and this year the Hanuman Festival is returning to the area. Offering yoga classes, workshops, live performances and venders selling natural food and clothing, the festival is a great way for yoga enthusiasts to deepen their practices. The event is scheduled for June 13-16 at Boulder High School. [Read More…]

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