New Steak Labeling Rule In Effect

For those who want to learn to cook online, there’s a new rule for steak labeling that could help you make a better selection for your next dish. Steaks and roasts must now list the country of origin, where it was raised and where it was slaughtered on its packaging label. Many meat industry leaders and grocery store chains have protested these changes, saying that the new labels will affect costs and potentially lose sales for some countries.

“The costs of this new change will far exceed the benefits intended and will result in no meaningful consumer benefits,” Peter Larkin,  The National Grocers Association president and CEO, said in a statement. “Congress must take action now and create a legislative fix.”

The USDA has required origin labels on seafood since 2005 and on meat and other items since 2009. The new rules are meant to bring the U.S. in line with World Trade Organization standards after the establishment determined that the old labels discriminated against livestock imported from Canada and Mexico. According to reports, Mexico and Canada aren’t happy about the label changes either, and both countries may use retaliatory trade techniques against the U.S.

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