Hanuman Festival Draws In Holistic Eaters

Summer festivals are heating up in Boulder, Colo., and this year the Hanuman Festival is returning to the area. Offering yoga classes, workshops, live performances and venders selling natural food and clothing, the festival is a great way for yoga enthusiasts to deepen their practices. The event is scheduled for June 13-16 at Boulder High School.

Although its mission includes raising awareness for the health benefits of yoga, the Hanuman Festival also aims to give back to local and global causes, helping people lead healthier and fuller lives. The event will feature a list of local restaurants and cafes that serve healthy food to participants. People can search for restaurants based on cuisine, price or food allergies like gluten-free options. Some of the chefs providing food at these locations may have attended Boulder culinary schools.

Hanuman is a mythological character who, according to legend, saved the ancient king of India’s brother by carrying a mountain in one giant leap. This is characterized today with a yoga pose called Hanumanasana, which allows a yoga practicer to not just take a leap, but to find strength in the practice. The Hanuman Festival, through yoga practice and musical performances, wants to enforce the idea that anything is possible through devotion.

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