Keeping Up With: Diets, Restaurants and Summer Pies

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Best Pies For The Summer
Pies are a staple of any student in pastry school. These treats are loved across the country and can be fruity, creamy, sweet or tart. In fact, Americans love pie so much, that in a pie survey of 14,000 participants, apple pie only managed to take first place [Read More…]

Chipotle Launches New Asian Restaurant Chain
Culinary school students looking for something fast to eat in Los Angeles while working on their studies now have a new option. Chipotle has begun the expansion of its Asian restaurant chain, ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen. The first ShopHouse is located in Washington, D.C., and was opened in 2011. [Read More…]

Competition For The Mediterranean Diet
If you’ve been looking into international culinary schools, you probably also keep an eye on global food trends. A new dietary habit to be aware of the following of a Nordic diet for heart health. The Mediterranean diet, which features plenty of olive oil, fruits, veggies, nuts and seafood, is well known by now for significantly lowering [Read More…]

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