Best Pies For The Summer

Pies are a staple of any student in pastry school. These treats are loved across the country and can be fruity, creamy, sweet or tart. In fact, Americans love pie so much, that in a pie survey (that should have displayed the results using a pie chart) of 14,000 participants, apple pie only managed to take first place with a whole 17 percent of the votes. Rather than rank one pie as the official winner, it just goes to show how many kinds of pie we love.

There is nothing more American than good old-fashioned apple pie. It’s a favorite any time of the year, but you should expect to see this dessert in abundance at potlucks and Fourth of July cookouts. When selecting apples for your pie, it is important to keep the flavor and texture in mind. You may not necessarily use your favorite snacking apples in a pie because you are eating them in very different ways. Since apple pie has a lot of sugar in it, don’t choose overly sweet apples for the filling. The sugar in the pie helps thicken the apple juices into a signature syrupy coating, so you won’t want to cut back on them just to use your favorite apple. Granny Smith, jonathon, pippin and Fuji are all excellent choices for pie, while red delicious, golden delicious and gala should be avoided.

Strawberry rhubarb
This may not be the first idea that comes to mind when someone mentions pie, but it was ranked at close second to apple in the survey. Strawberries are in season from June through August, making them perfect for summer baking. What baking & pastry arts student can resist creating a wildly popular pie with the classic pairing of sweet and tart ingredients? To get the most out of your strawberries, hull them rather than just chopping off the green, leafy tops.

Tart cherries are the next up​-and-coming superfood with surprisingly high anti-inflammatory properties. They have been shown to help reduce chronic pain caused by conditions such as arthritis and gout, as well as provide heart health benefits. Fortunately, for all you health-conscious pie lovers, tart cherries are the variety that are traditionally used in fillings. If you’ve been taking baking courses online, you will want to try out this pie that is good for both your heart and taste​ buds – just don’t expect your doctor to agree that your pie is a health food!

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