Join Our Live Pastry Demo On Chocolate Meringue

Save the date! We would like to invite you to join Escoffier Online’s Chef Susie Wolak for a live pastry class tomorrow Thursday, May 23rd at 7:00pm CST. Click here on Thursday to join!

Thursday’s live class will demonstrate how to make Chocolate Meringue step-by-step. Below is a list of topics that Chef Susie will cover in detail:

  • How to whip egg whites
  • Different types of cocoa powders
  • Folding confectioners sugar and cocoa powder into egg whites
  • Piping meringues
  • Drying meringues
  • Uses for meringues
  • Port wine and late harvest Sauvignon Blanc

Hope to see you all there!

To learn more about our programs, contact us at (877) 452-5489 or [email protected].

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