Discover Tea Flavored Desserts

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Tea Flavored Desserts

Live Webinar

Explore tea flavored desserts during our upcoming online pastry class with Chef Susie and featured guest, Sheila Duda from Tea Lula. Discover desserts made with different teas and the uses and benefits for Matcha Powder. Gain the confidence and skill to produce truly exceptional tea flavored desserts in your own kitchen.

Class Schedule: Thursday April 3, 2014

Class Time: 9:30am – 10:00am CST

Instructor: Chef Susie Wolak. Joined by Certified Tea Specialist, Sheila Duda


Meet Sheila Duda

Owner of TeaLula
Sheila opened TeaLula, a tea lover’s urban oasis in Park Ridge, in 2008. A certified tea specialist by the Specialty Tea Institute, she offers over 150 varieties of the finest loose leaf teas and can be found most days sharing her knowledge and passion of tea at her tasting bar. When not at the tea shop, Sheila shares her knowledge of tea with the community by hosting focused tastings, etiquette classes, and tea 101 classes. Sheila has traveled to the countries of origin, including India and Sri Lanka, sourcing the teas from renowned tea estates.


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