What Can You Do With Matcha?

Matcha is a ground powder made of green tea plants that’s traditionally dissolved in water or milk. Though this form of tea has been consumed for centuries, the use of matcha in other types of recipes by culinary academy students and tea lovers is a much more recent development. Many people prepare matcha-flavored foods because of the tea’s flavor, as well as the array of supposed health benefits, like antioxidants and immune system support. Here are some ideas for people curious about experimenting with matcha:

“Matcha has a mild, herbal flavor.”

Use it as a seasoning
Many people think of matcha as something to use in baked goods, rather than savory dishes, despite the fact that matcha doesn’t have a sweet flavor. If you’re looking for a new seasoning to use in your dinners, it’s a great alternative. It has an herbal flavor that’s mild, yet still distinct. Sprinkle it on snacks like popcorn, or the meat you’re making for dinner. Shape suggests adding it to vegetable or chicken stock and freezing it in an ice cube tray so it can easily be added to your skillet when you’re making a sauce or stir fry.

Matcha's unique flavor and bold color lends itself well to pastries.

Add it to quick breads
Regular bread recipes call for very specific instructions to ensure the loaf rises properly. However, quick breads like banana, zucchini and pumpkin bread don’t need to rise, so you can take a lot more creative liberty with the ingredients. For a subtle something extra, you can add matcha powder to your quick bread without affecting the texture of the baked good. Don’t be alarmed, though, that the vibrant green color may affect the appearance of the bread! All you need is a couple of teaspoons per loaf.

Make ice cream
Matcha ice cream is a staple in a lot of hip ice cream parlors, but it hasn’t quite made its mark on your hometown ice cream parlor. However, it’s surprisingly easy to make yourself. Japanese Cooking 101’s recipe simply consists of milk, matcha, heavy cream, egg yolk and sugar. All you have to do is combine these ingredients in a pot, mix it in your ice cream machine, and freeze for a few hours before serving. You’ll still get the caffeine from the matcha though this method of preparation as well, so who says you can’t have ice cream for breakfast?

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