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Attributes of a Successful Escoffier Student

The number one mistake students make when taking an online course is letting the convenience of an online program fool them into thinking it requires less effort and time than sitting in a classroom. Some may argue that receiving an online education requires more focus and discipline than if you were attending a physical campus. There is one thing that online and in-class courses have in common, you still need a place to study and complete course work, whether that’s at a local coffee shop,  library, or your home.

Create a schedule for yourself and let family and friends know that you need time to devote to your education. This will allow you to spend less time dealing with distractions, and in turn learn the information more effectively. One benefit of Escoffier Online is that you can involve your family in your learning. While it’s still essential to set time aside without distractions, you can also incorporate assessments into your daily life. If you’re in both our culinary and pastry programs, you can combine activities; use the “Twofer” concept. Use a culinary assessment to serve as the main meal and a pastry assessment to serve as dessert.

You can also work with your Chef Mentor and our Student Services department to create a schedule of your time throughout the course to make sure you don’t fall behind in your studies. We know that distractions can be tempting when attending an online culinary school, but having regular study hours about 3-5 days a week will make it easier. Make it a habit to follow your schedule and maintain an active approach to your education.

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