How To Make Praline Cream Puffs

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The cream puff is one of the most decadent and dainty desserts in the pastry world. They’re as light and fluffy as a cloud and filled with delicious cream that makes it a dream to bite into every time. As much as we love classic cream puffs, we can’t also help but love to play around with different flavors. Case in point, these praline cream puffs. The sharp flavor of pralines combined with the softness of pralines compliments perfectly for a unique dessert that’s perfect for every season.

So follow along with our pastry chef as she shows you how to make them in this online pastry course. Just wait until you take a bite of this truly amazing recipe!

Praline Cream Puff Directions (See other recipes below)

1. To begin, make the choux paste and pastry cream.
2. Before baking the cream puffs, sprinkle chopped pink praline on some and place round dough disks on some for the crinkle affect.
3. Once the cream puffs have been baked and cooled fill and finish the cream puffs.
4. Whip heavy cream adding a small amount of sugar for a light sweetness
5. For custard filling, fold hazelnut paste into the pastry cream and then fold in whip cream until the desired taste is achieved.
6. For whipped cream filling, fold hazelnut paste into whipped cream until the desired flavor is achieved.
7. Slice the puffs in half using a serrated knife, then pipe in the whipped cream
8. To fill the custard puffs, poke a hole in the bottom and pipe in the filling.
9. To finish the top with crunchy caramel prepare the caramel and then carefully dip the top in the caramel and place top side down on sliced toasted almonds.

Choux Paste Ingredients
9 fl oz water
4 oz butter
5 oz bread flour
4 eggs

Choux Paste Directions
1. Boil the water and butter in a saucepan. Remove from the heat.
2. Sift the flour and add to the liquid. Ensure the flour is added all at once or it will form lumps. Mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon.
3. Return to the heat and stir until a white layer is formed on the bottom of the pot. Cool to room temperature.
4. Add the eggs one a time, mixing in between until a dropping consistency is achieved.
5. Fill a piping baf and pipe the choux paste into the desired shapes. Brush with egg wash.
6. Bake at 375F for 18 minutes until golden brown.


Cream Puff Ingredients
17 fl oz whole milk
4 eggs
5 oz caster sugar
½ tsp vanilla extract
2 oz flour

Cream Puff Directions
1. Heat the milk in a pot
2. Separate the eggs then cream the egg yolks and sugar. Add the vanilla and combine.
3. Add the flour to the egg mixture and whisk through
4. Gradually add the milk to the egg mixture and return to the pot
5. Bring ti a boil while stirring continuously then simmer for 3 minutes
6. Transfer to a tray and cover with plastic wrap to prevent the forming of a skin, then chill.

Caramel Topping Ingredients
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup water

Caramel Topping Directions
1. Combine the sugar and the water in pot over low heat. When the sugar has dissolved, raise the heat and watch for the caramel to turn an amber color.

Pink Praline Almonds Ingredients
5.75 oz sugar
5 oz water
6 drops red food coloring
1 cup whole almonds with or without the skins

Pink Praline Almonds Directions
1. Combine the sugar, water, red color and almonds in a medium sauce pan and warm over medium heat, swirling the mixture around.
2. When the liquid starts to boil stir until the mixture becomes caramel like. Remove from the heat and mix until the sugar crystalizes.
3. Pour the almonds onto parchment. Once cooled chop into small piece to sprinkle on choux paste.

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