How To Make French Meringue

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The French meringue is the most basic meringue-the one we usually make and think of when we talk about the decadent whipped sugar and egg white combination. It’s also the most unstable which makes it great for dessert shells, cake layers or baking. This is the meringue that’s made and folded into batters for light cakes or cookies like ladyfingers, sponge cakes, souffles and even pancakes. One of our favorite ways to make French meringue is manipulating it into fun shapes, baking them and then topping with some delicious fresh fruits, whipped cream or mousse for a light and airy dessert that is every bit as elegant as it is on the healthier side. They can also make for great finger bites at any sort of gathering, anytime of year.

Knowing this French meringue recipe is a must for anyone who’s a fan of delicious, sweet, light and fluffy things (and aren’t we all?) Learn how to make it in this online cooking class with our baking & pastry arts expert!

French Meringue

4 large egg whites, room temperature
115 grams granulated sugar
115 grams confectioner’s sugar

1. Whip the egg whites at medium speed at first and gradually increasing to high speed until soft peaks form.
2. Add the granulated sugar and whip until soft peaks form. Then keep going until the meringue has stiffened.
3. Fold in the confectioner’s sugar until well incorporated being careful not to overwork the meringue so it remains light a fluffy. Bake for bite sized goodies or top a pie or tart with this delicious meringue!

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