How To Make Diamond Cookies

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One of the first recipes students usually learn in pastry school, the French butter diamond cookie is a classic. Typically rolled in sugar, the name comes from the appearance the sugar gives to the cookie-resembling many glimmering diamonds. The simplicity of the dough combined with the ease of the baking and the ability to get as creative with it as possible means this cookie is one of our absolute favorites. So, follow along with one of our online pastry school chefs as we show you how to make this famous cookie recipe.

Diamond Butter Cookies

5 oz butter
7 oz cake flour
3 oz powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla or almond extract
½ tsp salt

1. Cut the butter into pieces. Place all of the ingredients in the bowl and mix. Roll into 1 ¾ inch logs and refrigerate.
2. Roll in crystal sugar or sprinkles (brush with water if needed) and cut into ½ or 1/3 inch pieces.
3. Bake at 325F degrees for about 18-22 minutes until the edges start to brown. Color can be added. For chocolate cookies, substitute a small amount of flour with cocoa powder.

You can mix a little bit of food coloring with your dough to create fun colors.

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