How Pretzel Rolls Are Taking Over The Food World

This past summer, you probably have noticed something different about the burger you get from your local pub. Did the bun look a bit odd? That’s because it probably was a pretzel roll, the baked good that has taken over the sandwich world.

Your attention might have been on the donut buns that made headlines multiple times last season. But the true show-stoppers are pretzel rolls, since they cross over into a larger variety of different foods. With what started a chewier and tastier alternative to your typical pub hamburger bun became a craze, causing various eateries to add it to their menus.

As of late, the pretzel roll has received national recognition, as it graces the menu at national fast food chains. Bloomberg Businessweek reported in June on the pretzel bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s and the pretzel dog from Sonic. These tasty treats provided a way to meet the need for premium items, according to the source. Now for its fall lineup, Wendy’s is doubling down with the pretzel pub chicken sandwich.

Gretchen Gavett of the Harvard Business Review blog spoke to New York Times reporter Michael Moss, who revealed he felt the commonplace sprinkle of salt on top of a pretzel roll had much to do with the pretzel roll’s success.

“Salt is one of the three most powerful ingredients,” Moss said. “When it’s on the outside of the food, it’s the first thing that touches the saliva and hits the pleasure center of the brain.”

Moss went on to explain how this type of bread has an equally chewy and crunchy texture that signals the brain you’re eating something interesting.

To master your own brand of pretzel rolls, attend an online culinary arts program to learn the tenets of baking and flavor building.

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