Host A Backyard Oyster Roast For A Southern Take On This Delicacy

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Oysters are considered to be one of the finest delicacies around, and are featured on the menus of gourmet restaurants all around the United States. If you’re just starting your journey toward earning culinary certificates, you may feel like you’re not ready to tackle this succulent seafood. However, if you host a backyard oyster roast, you’ll be able to put your online culinary school skills to work on a very memorable meal. Follow these instructions for the perfect oyster roast experience:

Here’s what you’ll need (feeds six to eight people):
4 cinder blocks
1 metal shovel
1 large sheet of steel
1 burlap bag, dunked in water
5 gallon bucket, filled with water
Dry split wood and kindling
1 bushel unshucked oysters
1 oyster knife and pair of work gloves per person

Here’s what you’ll do:
1. Clean out a clearing in your backyard and use the cinder blocks to form a rectangle.
2. In the center, build a very hot fire, then place the sheet of metal securely over top.
3. Allow the metal to heat up: You can tell when it’s ready by sprinkling water onto it. If the water sizzles and evaporates, you’re ready to go.
4. Using your shovel, place two to three scoops of oysters onto the metal sheet and cover them with the wet burlap bag.
5. Let your oysters steam for approximately five minutes, or until most have opened.
6. Shovel the oysters onto your table, and have your guests dig in! They should use their oyster knife to carefully pry open the oysters before eating.
7. While the first batch is being eaten, start working on the second batch. After you’re done cooking, douse the metal sheet and fire with water to make sure it is completely put out.

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