Pick The Right Salmon For Your Recipes

Salmon is a great fish to include in your online culinary classes for a variety of reasons. Not only is it an excellent source of omega-3s, heart-healthy and mental-boosting properties, and dynamic flavors, it also comes in many varieties.

This orange fish can taste remarkably different based on preparation, according to Eating Well magazine. There are six species of salmon, and all varieties can be wild-caught or farm-raised. It’s also important to note that world-renowned Alaskan salmon is always wild-caught. The biggest and priciest salmon on the market is king or Chinook​ salmon, which have a buttery texture and are high in fat content, making these types perfect for any type of preparation.

Sockeye salmon is a very popular species of salmon with many people who want to learn to cook online. If you want to fire up the grill, sockeye is the perfect fish that can take the heat. If you’re on a budget, pink and chum salmon are fantastic choices.

As we mentioned before, there’s even more good news about salmon. It’s fantastic for your health! According to Whole Foods, the omega-3s in salmon can protect your joints, improve your mood and cognition and boost your cardiovascular system.

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