Margarita’s Cousin – The Palermo – Is The Perfect Cinco de Mayo Cocktail

Wondering what to serve your guests for your Cinco de Mayo feast this year? One of the hottest new cocktail trends at the moment is the Palermo. Bon Appetit is predicting that this refreshing tropical beverage is going to make a big splash in 2013.

Keeping up with the hottest cocktails around is an important part of being enrolled in cooking schools, because most places you dine at are going to pair appetizers with them. The Palermo, which Bon Appetit calls “Mexico’s most beloved cocktail,” is actually pretty simple to make. The most basic versions of it are nothing more than tequila, a grapefruit-flavored soda (Jarritos is a popular favorite) and ice in a salt-rimmed glass.

If you can’t find grapefruit-flavored soda at your market, Esquire recommended using lemon-lime soda (like Sprite) and then adding a splash of grapefruit juice. When it comes to tequila, simply use your liquor of choice. The most popular tequila for a Paloma is reposado, but if you like a smokier flavor, mezcal is an excellent choice too.

To really wow your guests, use your skills from your online culinary courses to whip up some fresh homemade salsa, serve with chips and you’ve got a unique twist on Cinco de Mayo that people will surely remember.

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