Holiday Cocktails To Bring Christmas Cheer

Chances are, you’ll be entertaining this holiday season. While a feast to show off your culinary academy skills is certainly important, we’re all familiar with the impact that a proper cocktail menu can have on a party. This is especially true during the cold and blustery holiday season. Here are a few ideas for soothing batch cocktails you can make for your holiday gathering – save the punch for the summer and warm up your guests!

Everyone loves a warm mulled wine.Everyone loves a warm mulled wine.

Mulled wine
There are few things more delectable during the winter than a warm mulled wine. There are many ways to put together this great batch cocktail, but Bon Appetit laid out a method that’s easy for beginners and tasty enough that even people who don’t drink wine will go back for seconds. Use a large pot or slow cooker to heat up a mixture of merlot, tawny port, and apple cider and simmer tangerines pierced with cloves, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks and lady apples for about 20 minutes. Once you’ve made this drink, you can customize your next batch, perhaps even using a white wine instead of merlot.

Hot toddies
A hot toddy is a classic winter cocktail recipe that’s refreshing and soothing at the same time. Though it’s typically made in single servings, it’s also an easy cocktail to keep warm in your slow cooker. This recipe from Epicurious suggests using bourbon, brandy or Scotch, plus honey, lemon juice and hot water. Change it up by using hot cider instead of water, or melted caramel instead of honey. Keep this recipe in mind later on this season when you feel a cold coming on, too!

White Russians
While a White Russian is a cold drink, add some salted caramel and it’s certainly festive! This recipe from Kate La Vie is made with salted caramel Irish cream, amaretto and half and half, and garnished with caramel sauce and large salt flakes. Make the drink in a large bowl, along with a bottle of caramel sauce and sea salt. Leave some peppermint bark, cranberries or rosemary on the side so guests can serve themselves and garnish their drinks until their hearts are content!

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