Healthy, On-The-Go Breakfast Ideas

Ah, breakfast. The most important and, dare I say, most delicious meal of the day. Oh, how important it is to eat a good breakfast, chock full of brain empowering and energy giving goodness. But really, unless you want to wake up 45 minutes earlier, there’s hardly enough time to make breakfast, let alone eat it. Plus, people need more sleep just as much as they do some good eats in the wee hours. So what that leaves is birdfood-esque nut bars, cereal with enough sugar for the Cookie Monster to overdose and candy bars that disguise themselves as “breakfast bars.” The trick to getting that breakfast you need in the morning is making it the night before. You know how you have to pick your outfit out the night before or you’ll spend a half an hour trying to find that one pair of clean pants? It’s kind of like that. The good news is we’re not talking about eggs benedict or 5-star restaurant styled pancakes. I mean, who really has time for that? All it can take for you to get the breakfast you should be eating in the morning are a few ingredients you probably already have around the kitchen, some general cookware and a microwave or conventional oven. Got that stuff? Cool, then let the fun begin.

No Cook Oatmeal:

Is amazing? Is the greatest thing ever discovered? Is the best thing since sliced bread? Do people still say that? But seriously, this oatmeal concoction will probably save you hundreds of hours and countless stale bagel breakfasts.  I came across this idea looking for an alternative way to make oatmeal for hot weather when you don’t want to eat a steaming bowl of slop…in January. Let’s just say it was a rough winter in the Midwest. I waited months and months and months to try it out. It was like a pair of sandals I once bought on sale in February and lovingly gazed at all through the winter months, waiting for that day when I would finally be able to wear them. Except better, because this is awesome food that would be healthy and nourishing and delicious and easy and fast and basically everything you want out of a week day recipe. Essentially what goes down is you put equal parts oatmeal and your choice of milk (cow, goat, almond, soy, rice) and you let it sit over night…in some cases for a few nights until everything gets all smooshy and good. It can be dressed up anyway you like. There are tons of variations all over the internet. Some fan favorites are banana and cocoa, berries, mango, kiwi and coconut. You can even incorporate your morning cup of Joe into these little beauties. A lot of people are also putting the ever amazing chia and hemp seeds into them because it makes it extra thick and yummy and healthy. Basically this breakfast is revolutionary to the way you can enjoy that monumental first meal of the day. Missing breakfast won’t even wantTypes of egg dishes to be an option anymore. Overnight oatmeal is where it’s at.

Hands Free Omelet

Well, not completely hands free. I definitely would not recommend that. But it’s basically the easiest way you can make an omelet without all the frying and flipping and filling and all the other complicated stuff. This basically entails that you pick your favorite ingredients, mix it up with some eggs and throw it in a mason jar and put it in the oven. And that’s it. No need to do that internet search for “how to make the perfect omelet.” Take it out, pop it in the fridge and write a post-it note reminder on your bathroom mirror to remember to grab it. All you have to do then is heat it up  and enjoy all the yummy goodness that you’re consuming. Who knew an omelet could be so easy, right?

Easy Breakfast Burrito:

This is one of my all time, favorite things to make for breakfast. Tortillas make all the difference with this one because they keep everything all fresh and compact for you in the morning. Throw some scrambled eggs, black beans, corn, jalapeno, spinach, onion, peppers, etc., wrap em up and you’re good to go. I even like to pair these with sprouted tortillas to give me that extra energy bump in the morning. There’s nothing more frustrating than eating a humongous, carb filled breakfast and then just wanting to sleep all the rest of the day. This one is one of those light 481451909on calories breakfast burritos. There’s also the option to just throw everything in a jar or Tupperware, not do the wrap and call it a breakfast burrito. That works too.

Mason Jar Pancakes

Speaking of carb filled breakfasts! This mason jar pancake thing is a doozy. You’re probably like enough with the mason jars. But I can’t. They’re just so good! This one is for those of you out there who aren’t big on eggs or oatmeal. I know you’re out there. This might not be the healthiest of all the on-the-go recipe alternatives but it works and is a great treat. Plus, it’s really important to switch it up! Let’s just call this our fun day Friday easy breakfast idea. And it is super easy. Mix up some of that “just add water” pancake batter, pour it in a mason jar and microwave it or heat it up in the oven until it starts to brown on top. Be sure to fill it up just a little less than half because that stuff will grow and the last thing you need right before sleep time is a pancake mess all over your oven. Top with some yummy whipped cream or yogurt or mix in your favorite pancake additions to the batter like chocolate chip, banana, strawberry and blueberry to make them as good as the international house of pancakes. All that’s left is to enjoy!

Goat cheese and Avocado Yum Yums:4 ways to turn toast into your favorite breakfast food

Well, that’s my technical name for this one, anyway. It’s literally toast, slathered in goat cheese with pieces of sliced avocado on top of it. Throw it together, it makes a yummy sandwich and it’s awesome and healthy and super filling. To make it even more filling be sure to get the good bread that’s chock full of nuts and whole grains that adds awesome texture and flavor. I like to throw a little bit of salt and some fresh cracked pepper on top of the avocado before I close it on up and devour it. Also, if you’re a Ron Swanson bacon-lover like myself, highly recommend throwing some of that on there too. I’d say if you have the time but really, there’s always time for bacon. And if there isn’t, you make time for bacon. Plus, avocado and bacon make one great tasting couple.  On that note, I leave you to your breakfast.

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