How to Make an Omelet

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You haven’t lived until you’ve had an omelet. That’s just fact. It’s one of the staple morning dishes, being revived every day with great new ingredient combinations and sauces and whisking techniques that turn the eggs into fluffy clouds of breakfast heaven. They’re versatile, they’re easy, they’re cheap and they’re delicious, covering all the proverbial culinary bases. Better yet, they’re a great dish at all times of the day. Don’t pigeonhole this one for just breakfast or you’ll be sorely missing out on a quick and easy weeknight dinner idea. And it just keeps getting better. You can use just about anything in your fridge to make one so all those leftovers you were worried about have a purpose again! Have some veggies that are about to turn? Chop them up and throw them in! The only issue some have with omelets is finding the perfect way to cook it without turning into a humongous mess.

In this online cooking course, learn how to make your own scrumptious omelet. Watch the video and follow the recipe to ensure you’ve got that perfect technique down. Want more out of your eggs? Take an online Egg, Cheese and Dairy class!

Omelet Recipe:

3 Eggs
1 tbsp Clarified Butter
Fillings As Needed
Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Fully cook any meat and blanch or cook any vegetable that will be incorporated into the omelet.
2. Heat an omelet pan over moderately high heat and then add clarified butter.
3. Whisk eggs together in a small bowl. Season with salt and pepper if desired.
4. Pour the eggs into the pan and stir until they begin to set, approximately 10 minutes.
5. Pull cooked egg from the sides of the pan towards the center, allowing the raw egg to run underneath. Continue doing so for 20-30 seconds.
6. Spoon any fillings on top of the eggs or add any other garnishes.
7. When cooked as desired, flip one side of the omelet toward the center with a spatula. Slide the omelet onto the serving plate so that it lands folded in thirds with the seam underneath.
8. Spoon any sauce or additional filling on top, garnish as desired and serve immediately.

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