4 Excellent Omelet Ideas

Omelets make a quick, delicious meal that is fantastic for breakfast but can also make a satisfying dinner. If you’re attending culinary academy, chances are you’ve cooked quite a few of these egg dishes. However, there’s always room to try out new fillings and techniques. Follow these tips and you may discover a new signature omelet:

1. Perfect a classic
There’s nothing wrong with keeping your breakfast simple. By sticking to an elegant French omelet, you can concentrate on getting the technique precisely right. The Kitchn offered some guidance for achieving great eggs with the soft texture you want.

For one thing, you should always use a nonstick skillet, which will make both preparing the eggs and depositing them on the plate much simpler. Aim to stop cooking when the omelet is not quite finished, with the top still appearing moist. After a couple minutes, remove the skillet from the burner to allow the residual heat to finish the job. Add your preferred shredded cheese and fold the eggs over.

2. Add a seasonal touch
Some fresh produce will step your omelet up a notch. Giada de Laurentiis presented a recipe featuring strawberries that’s ideal for a summer weekend. It starts with slicing the fruits and tossing them in white wine vinegar and granulated sugar. Allow 15 minutes for the strawberry pieces to absorb the flavors and then drain.

When the eggs are just about cooked, add the strawberries before folding. A whipped cream topping will complete the meal, and you can easily prepare some at home. Just beat heavy whipping cream with vanilla extract and powdered sugar.

Give your omelets a theme with inspiration from your favorite cuisine.

3. Go Greek
Bringing in influences from different culinary traditions will make your eggs more exciting. Half Baked Harvest proved that with dinner omelets that show off plenty of Mediterranean taste, borrowing the combinations that make gyros irresistible. This recipe includes quinoa, spinach, Kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, garlic, oregano, basil and feta cheese. Plus, the omelet is topped with tomatoes, avocado and pine nuts and accompanied by a tzatziki sauce.

4. Make it a sandwich
Preparing a sandwich is another way to make an omelet stand alone as a great meal. Cooking Light suggested an unconventional approach to two widely beloved items with an open-faced pastrami omelet. The eggs are flavored with chopped pastrami, dill, onions and black pepper. Then, they are served on a slice of pumpernickel bread with a mixture of cucumber, Dijon mustard, cider vinegar and horseradish.

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