4 Ways To Turn Toast into Your Favorite Breakfast Food

Toast is a common breakfast food, but it’s rarely the main course of a meal. It’s often accompanied by items such as scrambled eggs, hash browns or skillets. But the truth is, toast isn’t getting enough recognition – mainly because it’s often prepared improperly. By trying out these toast tips, this crunchy bread may become a staple in your breakfast routine:

Choose the right bread
When you make toast, it’s easy to grab whatever you have in your pantry and stick with that. But if you really want toast that’s going to be packed with the perfect flavor and crunchy texture, you have to start out with the right bread – it makes all the difference in the overall quality of your toast. Instead of buying your bread in the supermarket, consider making your own bread. Homemade bread is not only more nutritious, it packs much more flavor. There’s just something about the richness and heartiness of a thick slice of homemade bread. Plus, fresh loaves of bread toast much better than old bread – you get that crispy outside with a moist and fluffy inside. As far as the type of bread you opt for, that’s up to you – wheat, white, French, Italian and rye are all great options.

Check your toaster
The temperature of your toaster can have a big impact on the overall quality of your toast. Josey Baker of San Francisco’s FourBarrel Coffee recommends a super hot toaster. The toasters in his coffee shop get up to 750 degrees to produce a piece of toast that’s soft on the inside but gives you that crunchy texture on the outside. Let your bread sit in the toaster for about two to four minutes – the length of time depends on the thickness of your bread.

Thickly slice your bread
Toast isn’t often considered a filling meal, and that may be because the toast you’re eating is too thin. Take your toast to the next level by slicing it nice and thick. The type of bread will depend on exactly how thick you can cut it, however. For instance, country bread is very fluffy and light in texture, so it can be sliced thick. Rye bread, on the other hand, is more dense and should be on the thinner side.

Dress it up
Butter and jam will always be great options for your toast, but you’re certainly not limited to these two options. Don’t be afraid to get creative: top a slice with some cream cheese and smoked salmon for a spin on the traditional bagels and lox. For a Mexican-themed breakfast, spread your toast with beans, cheese and some salsa. For more ideas, consider enrolling in a culinary arts program online.

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