How To Fabricate Flat Fish

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Flat fish, as unattractive as they have a tendency to look (I’m talking about you, flounder), can also be some of the most delicious tasting things to come out of the sea.  As bottom dwellers, these guys cover themselves in debris to use their cunning tactics to catch prey with their mouth, which lies on the side of their body versus the front center. Strange, right? But as weird as the concept might seem, I’m sure you’ve eaten one or two in your day. Commonly sold flat fish include flounder, sole and halibut, all popular selling fillets at the super market. With their very unique and different anatomy compared to the typical symmetrical fish, it takes a very special technique to, which is where this online cooking lesson comes in!

In this online cooking course with Chef Thomas, he shows you how to fillet an entire flat fish. That way, you can get the freshest seafood possible without having to go all the way to the ocean.

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